AI Knowledge Tier Analytics

Understanding AI Knowledge Tier Analytics

AI Knowledge Tier Analytics is a powerful feature designed to provide valuable insights into your audience's engagement levels. By categorizing individuals into nine tiers (A through I) based on the depth of data gathered on each individual, this tool offers a comprehensive view of your audience's engagement behavior.


  • Tier Classification: Tier A (0) represents individuals with minimal data, while Tier I (300+) comprises those subscribers with the most comprehensive data profiles. This tiered classification system enables you to prioritize your focus on engaging with individuals based on their level of data availability.

  • Correlation Analysis: AI Knowledge Tier Analytics allows you to analyze the correlation between higher open and click rates for members with more data. By understanding how engagement levels vary across different tiers, you can tailor your communication strategies effectively to maximize audience engagement and retention.

Utilize AI Knowledge Tier Analytics to gain deeper insights into your audience's behavior and optimize your engagement strategies accordingly. With this tool, you can identify trends, prioritize your outreach efforts, and enhance overall audience engagement for greater success.

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