Article Image Sizes and Warnings

Most articles come with images and our templates have different size image slots, depending on the template and location of the article. The minimum sizes according to the template and image slot are: 

  • Newspaper Template: The first image slot is 550x450, and the rest of the image slots are 200x200. 
  • Classic Template: All image slots are 200x200. 
  • Big and Bold Template: All image slots are 550x450. 
  • Insights Template: All image slots are 200x200. 

If images are too small for these templates, you will see a warning appear:

Smart-Newsletter-Dashboard-rasa-io (37)

Clicking into the article will provide more detail as to the warning: "This is a small image, and it may not display depending on which template you select." From there you can manually change the article image, if desired.