Article Ordering - Hierarchy for Super Boosted, Scheduled Content, Boosted and more

With our Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans, there are several ways to add content into your newsletter. Below is a breakdown of how we choose the ordering of each article from top to bottom within the template. If any of the first 4 types below are not being utilized, the following type will be used in this order.

  1. Super Boosted - An article with the Super Boost selected will always get the top placement in the template. 
  2. Scheduled Content - After Super Boosted articles, the system will look to Scheduled Content. If multiple articles are scheduled, you can use the Rank field to determine the ordering. The higher the number in the Rank field, the higher the order (i.e. article with rank=2 will show above article with rank=1). 
  3. Boosted - After Scheduled Content, Boosted articles will fill in. 
  4. Reserve - After Boosted, one article from your Reserve list will appear in each issue. 
  5. AI Chosen - Articles from the Upcoming page will then be selected and ordered by the AI after any or all of the above types of articles are inserted. 


If you need a refresher on the icons, please visit this page!