Bulk Archive Contacts

If you would like to archive multiple contacts from your list, go to the Bulk Archive page. You will be able to upload a CSV file with the emails that you would like archived. 

screenshot-dashboard.rasa.io-2020.06 (6)

If you archive contacts, they will be unsubscribed as well as deleted from your contact count.

For example, let's say you would like to bulk archive contacts that have not opened in the last 6 months. To do this, you will need to go to the Contacts page,  choose Not Opened Since on the Select View dropdown menu, and change the date range to 6 months. Then you will need to go to Actions and Export Selected View. This will generate a CSV file that you can now upload to Bulk Archive Contacts.

 select view

*** Please note that if a contact is archived and later shows up on a CSV to subscribe to new contacts, the email will be subscribed as we will treat the email as new since it has been archived from the database. ***