DMARC for Enhanced Email Security

Navigating the New Email Security Mandates

New email security mandates around DMARC will be in action in February 2024 for Google and Yahoo. These changes are crucial, and as a savvy email sender, you need to be in the loop to ensure your messages keep landing in those coveted inboxes!

What is DMARC? 

DMARC, or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance is an email authentication protocol designed to enhance security by preventing email spoofing and phishing attacks. It acts as a guardian for your email, ensuring the authenticity of your sender domain.

Why is DMARC Important?

DMARC plays a crucial role in maintaining your brand reputation and securing your email communications. By setting up a DMARC policy, you establish a framework that not only reduces the risk of email fraud but also strengthens protection against phishing attacks. 

Who’s Affected?

Are you sending emails from a custom domain? Do you send more than 5,000 messages a day? If you nodded yes to either, these changes are for you. The truth is... we are all affected so let's stay informed.

Need a hand setting up DMARC?  Here is a step-by-step guide ready for you. Trust us, it’s simpler than you think, and the payoff is huge.

Staying Compliant - Here’s How:
  • Full Email Authentication (Don’t sweat it;’s got your back for most of this):
  • SPF – Check. handles it.
  • DKIM – Done. on it.
  • DMARC – This one’s on you. If you’re using a custom domain, setting up a DMARC policy is necessary.
  • One-Click Unsubscribe – Easy peasy. ensures your unsubscribing process is smooth and swift.
  • Keep That Spam Rate Low – Aim for below 0.1%. It’s all about sending content to your readers ❤️ love.

While DMARC may seem like a technical buzzword, it serves as your email's new guardian. Beyond being a mere compliance measure, DMARC significantly bolsters your brand reputation by enhancing security, reducing email fraud, and fortifying defenses against phishing attacks.

Remember, staying ahead of these changes is key to keeping your emails front and center in your audience’s inbox. Let’s make sure your emails continue to shine!