How do the Article Settings work?

The Article Settings can be found on the Design page. The Article Counts determine how many articles you would like displayed in your newsletter. We will never display more articles than the maximum article count. The minimum article count is the minimum amount of articles needed for us to generate the newsletter. If there are not enough articles on the Upcoming Content page to meet the minimum number of articles, then the newsletter will not be sent to your contacts.   

The maximum per source setting will determine how many articles per source are displayed in your newsletter. For example, if the max per source is set to 1 and you have 4 articles from Forbes in your Upcoming Content pool, each person will only receive 1 Forbes article. If your newsletter is at risk of not being able to generate because of this setting, it will be relaxed so that you don't fail to send it.   

You should receive an email from us letting you know that your newsletter needs more content to send if you are short on articles. Additionally, if you are reviewing articles in the Upcoming content pool and toggle too many off, you should receive a pop-up alert letting you know that you're now under your minimum requirement to send. If you are not receiving these reminder emails or if you are ever unsure why your newsletter did not go out, contact us at

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