How does ranking work for Scheduled Content?

When adding an article using the Scheduled Content feature, you will see the Rank field. If you are scheduling multiple articles in the same section, the ranking will allow you to determine the order in which those articles are displayed in the newsletter. 


The article with the highest number will be displayed first. It is counterintuitive meaning the higher the number, the higher the placement in the newsletter. For example, if you have three scheduled articles, the article with the number 3 in the rank field will display first and the article with the number 1 ranking will be last. 


Do I have to rank my scheduled articles? No! Simply leave the field blank if you'd like the AI to choose the placement and order of the articles. Since the articles are scheduled, they are guaranteed to be included in everyone's newsletter no matter what. The ranking is just an added feature to allow you more control over the order. 

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