How Personalizes Content

When generating each newsletter, our AI will look at the articles available in the Upcoming Content pool and select a different combination for each subscriber based on their interests.

So, how do we know your subscribers' interests?

At first, we don't but we learn quickly! Your first newsletter will be a randomized selection of articles from your Upcoming pool. As soon as subscribers begin engaging with your newsletter, our AI will learn about what topics they are interested in based on the articles they click on. When an article is brought to the Upcoming Content page, we analyze and assign topical and conceptual tags to the content. Read more about our tags here

tag example mc

We begin to associate the article tags with the individual subscribers who clicked on them and use that to inform our recommendations for future newsletters. 

For example, if Oliver clicks on articles with tags related to "email marketing", we know that he is interested in that topic. So, if the Upcoming pool for the next newsletter has articles related to email marketing, our AI is likely to select some of those for Oliver's version of your newsletter. 

It is also important to note that while we want each subscriber to receive personalized content that is specific to their interests, we will never create a silo where they are only receiving content based on the topics of their previous clicks. We will always dedicate a portion of the newsletter to recommend articles at random so that the content is still varied and leaves an opportunity for the readers to enjoy and learn about different subjects.