rasa.io Chrome Extension

rasa.io has a Google Chrome extension which allows you to easily add articles to your upcoming articles page while you are browsing the web! Simply click on the rasa.io icon blobid0as you're visiting the article's URL to add it to your newsletter's content pool. 

To add the Chrome extension, follow these steps...

1. Visit the rasa.io Chrome Extension page 

2. Click 'Add to Chrome' 

screenshot-chrome.google.com-2020.04 (2)

3. You will be prompted to input your login information for your rasa.io account so that the articles can be sent to your newsletter's upcoming content pool when using the rasa.io extension.

screenshot-chrome.google.com-2020.04 (3)

4. Once the extension is added to Google Chrome and have entered your login information, you should see blobid0 at the top of your browser alongside your other extensions. 


When you are viewing an article or page that you would like to share with your newsletter subscribers, just click the blobid0 and the article will be sent to your upcoming articles page