Skipping, Pausing and Cancelling Sends

There are some options as to how you can address not sending a newsletter as you normally would through the Schedule page. You can either skip a send or you can pause sending. The biggest difference between these two options is that when you skip a send, the content will continue to be pulled into the dashboard, and with pausing, it will not. 

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In order to skip a send in the future, simply go to the Upcoming Newsletters page on your Schedule tab and select the day you want to skip. You'll see a green dot on the days you are scheduled to send and a red dot for days that you've chosen to skip. You can schedule skip days as far out in advance as you'd like!

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If your newsletter has not yet been generated (the countdown banner at the top of your dashboard will alert you to this), you can switch your schedule from Active to Paused. This will suspend the newsletter until you are ready for it to begin sending again.

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Unfortunately, if your newsletter has been generated, there is no way for us to cancel it. Pay close attention to your reminder emails and the generation deadline time. This will be 1 hour before your delivery time. We need this window of time to create your amazing newsletter since we are creating a personalized, individual email for each of your subscribers.