Subscriber List Cleaning and Maintenance takes list hygiene and email deliverability very seriously so we will always automatically unsubscribe emails that return a hard bounce. However, there are several other factors that go into maintaining a clean list. List maintenance is incredibly important for a number of reasons. Sending to invalid, unverified, or unengaged email addresses can have a negative impact on your sender reputation, deliverability, and engagement rates and it will put you at risk of being added to email blacklists

So, how can you avoid this? 

We recommend regularly scrubbing your contact lists using an email verification service . These services will identify the emails that are no longer valid, spam traps, or likely to bounce. Once you’ve removed those emails from your list, you will reduce your bounce rate and improve your metrics around deliverability as well as engagement. 

What about "unengaged" subscribers? 

A valid but unengaged subscriber is an email that by all accounts appears to still be a working and legitimate address but they have either never opened your emails or have not opened them in a significant amount of time. We highly recommend removing (also known as archiving) or unsubscribing unengaged subscribers after at least 6 months of no open or click activity. Sending to a highly engaged list will improve your reputation as a sender which will positively impact your engagement going forward. 

To view contacts that are not engaging with your newsletter, you can sort your contacts by various views and export the contacts that fall into each view. 

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As always, please reach out to for more information or if you have questions about list cleaning and maintenance.