What are Sections?


Creating sections is a great feature to group content in your newsletter! To add a section to your newsletter, go to Content > Sections. Once you have created a section, you will see the module for it on your Design > Layout page. From there, you can choose how many articles are allowed to be displayed and where it is displayed within the template by adjusting the maximum and minimum article counts. All content that is not specified for a Section will appear in the non-sectioned parts of the newsletter and will count towards the general maximum and minimum article counts. Some find it most useful to have a fully sectioned newsletter. 

You can toggle on specific sources for a section so any articles we gather from those sources appear together within the newsletter. For example, if my lifestyle newsletter has a cooking section and fashion section then I would toggle on sources related to cooking under the cooking sections and sources related to fashion under the fashion section. 


You can also manually add articles to a section. For example, you may not have a feed for your upcoming events page, but you can use 'Add Article' and then assign a section to make sure that the article shows up within that section in the template. 

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