What are the tags on my Upcoming Articles page?

When rasa.io pulls articles into the Upcoming Content pool, our AI "reads" and assigns topical and conceptual tags to them. 

For example with the article below 'How to Make Chicken Shawarma at Home,' you will see 7 tags associated with it. Some of the topical tags may seem obvious like 'shawarma,' 'meat,' and 'Middle Eastern cuisine.' The other tags may not be as obvious but are conceptually related to the content of the article like 'Lebanon' 'Roasting' 'Al pastor.'

screenshot-dashboard.rasa.io-2020.05 (5)

You can also add your own tags to articles in the Upcoming Content Pool. To do this, you will simply click on the article of your choosing, and you will brought to a page titled Edit An Existing Article. From there you will scroll down and see the tags that the AI assigned and a space for you to enter tags as well! 

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The tags that you see on the upcoming articles page also relate to the filters and the analytics page

When you apply filters, rasa.io will scan the article and if one of your filters is found in the article title, and description OR is an AI-determined tag, we will include or exclude it accordingly which you will find on your Upcoming Content page.  

We will also report on your topical tags in the analytics! You can see what the most popular topics are by day, week, month, or any custom date range of your choosing. This is a great way to see areas of interest and use those to inform your content strategy ensuring engaging and relevant content for your subscribers.

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