What does the "Unsubscribe Reason" mean in my Contacts export?

Once you have exported your contact list, you can access insights regarding the reasons behind someone's decision to unsubscribe from your newsletter. You will encounter several options when reviewing this information under the column titled " Unsubscribe Reason". 

Bounce: This indicates a permanent failure to deliver the email due to specific conditions within the recipient's mail server.

Unsubscribed: This denotes individuals who have opted out by using the unsubscribe link found in the footer of your newsletter

API: Unsubscribes that were initiated manually either through the dashboard or by utilizing an integrated platform.

Dropped: This scenario is similar to a bounce, occurring when our email service provider has previously attempted to send emails to a particular address and has repeatedly encountered bounces, invalid email addresses, or spam reports. In this case, the email will be "dropped" to safeguard the sender's reputation.

SoftBounce: If an email has bounced consecutively for 5 newsletters sends or more, the contact will be automatically unsubscribed. 

Please see below for an example of what you would see when looking for the Unsubscribe Reason in a Contact Export. 

Active Subscribed Unsubscribed Reason
TRUE FALSE Unsubscribed