What is Scheduled Content - Images and Text?

Scheduled Content allows you to schedule articles for specific sends as well as images and text within your template layout. This is extremely beneficial. For example, if you already have your graphics for your promotional areas for the month and don't want to have to log in between each send to change them out, you can input them as scheduled content. 


To schedule images and text, simply visit the Schedule page and click Scheduled Content on the left side navigation. Once there, click Add and then choose Image or Text. If you choose an image, you'll select which location you'd like the image to go, where the image should link out to, and the run dates.

Schedule text performs in a similar way. 

What is extremely important to remember is if you are going to use scheduled images and text, you will need to toggle on scheduled within the layout page. If you do not toggle the calendar on then the images and text will not show.