Why didn't my newsletter send?

Things to consider if you did not receive your newsletter as scheduled: 

  • Does your newsletter have enough content? 
    • The most common reason for a newsletter failing to generate is a lack of content. First, check your article settings on the Design page to see what your minimum article count is set to. If the number of articles on your Content page does not meet your required minimum, you can either adjust your settings or add more content. We'll also notify your team admin via email if your newsletter fails to generate due to content.
    • If you want to send your newsletter out after adding a sufficient amount of content or adjusting your minimum article count, you will need to update your schedule to send at a time at least 90 minutes ahead so that our system has time to generate personalized emails for each subscriber.
  • Is your schedule active? 
    • Check the Schedule page to make sure you've set a start date, time, and frequency. Also, make sure that your newsletter is set to 'Active'.  
  • Check your SPAM! 
    • Your newsletter might have gone to SPAM, especially if you are not sending from your domain! Check out our documentation on Domain Authentication for more information. 

If you have reviewed the above tips and still don't know what caused your failure to send, please contact support@rasa.io