Widgets & Tools to grow your subscribers

You can find some great features here to help you grow your subscriber list in Widgets & Tools. 

Once your rasa.io account is created, we will generate a unique landing page with a sign-up form for your newsletter as well as a page showcasing your most popular articles that we call your Top Articles Page. The Top Articles Page is a great example of your newsletter as it has the same design, layout, and the most interacted with content across all of your subscribers. You can find this link and even customize it on our Widgets & Tools page. 

Here’s an example of how the Top Articles Page looks: 

mceclip0 (25)

Next - promote, promote, promote! You can use these links to encourage your audience to subscribe to your newsletter via your social media channels, marketing emails, and/or your website. You can also embed the landing page as an inline frame (iframe) on your website. 


Anyone who subscribes through the landing page will go directly to your Contacts page on the dashboard.


We also provide a code snippet that you can use as a starting point to embed these pages onto your own site! You can find these snippets here.

mceclip1 (10)

The RSS feed option provides you with the content displayed on the Top Articles page in RSS format. If you want to learn more about RSS feeds and how they work, click here

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