What does the ChatGPT Beta Feature do?

Our latest BETA feature is a ChatGPT integration. The ChatGPT integration can be found in three places: within the Text/HTML boxes within your design layout, within the Text/HTML boxes from Scheduled Content, and the edit functionality for a specific article description. This feature is helpful when maybe you don't have the words or know exactly what to say and are limited on time... just use the ChatGPT integration!

Within Text/HTML boxes, the ChatGPT integration can help to write an introduction or conclusion to your newsletter. This feature of rasa.io incorporates ChatGPT into your newsletter creation. Using input widgets and “top topics” from your newsletter, we craft the prompt using ChatGPT. In the Prompt, you will provide something you want to call out. For example, you could inform your subscribers that there is a webinar coming up. Feel free to generate a couple of versions and choose which one suits you best or a combination of both.

In order to access this feature: Design > Layout > Text / HTML 1 > Generate with ChatGPT

Boosted content will show under Article and will be listed by title. If selected, this article will be used to inform the response generated by ChatGPT. The topics will be informed by your newsletter content as well as manually added to further inform the generated response.

To edit an article description and utilize ChatGPT to write a new one, you can click on the article from the Upcoming Content Pool, and the Edit an Existing Article page will appear. You can then select "Generate with ChatGPT" to create a new excerpt/description for the article. 

Below you will find tips and tricks to write a successful prompt in addition to using our input widgets.

Tips to write an effective prompt using Chat GPT

  • Be clear, and specific, and provide context.
  • Use system messages to guide ChatGPT's behavior.
  • Specify the desired format or length of response.
  • Include examples or additional context when needed.
  • Ask for pros and cons to encourage balanced responses.
  • Experiment and iterate with your prompts.
  • Review and evaluate the generated content independently.

Limitations of ChatGPT:

  • Lack of real-time knowledge:
  • Potential generation of incorrect or nonsensical content
  • Sensitivity to input phrasing
  • Tendency to be verbose or overuse certain phrases
  • Lack of context and common sense
  • Potential for biased or inappropriate content