How Upcoming Articles works

Upcoming Articles are automatically pulled onto this page once they are published by your Sources. You can also manually Add Articles to include content that was not automatically pulled in by your Sources. Depending on your article settings, the AI will draw a selection of articles from this page for each subscriber. For example, if you choose to have 8 articles per newsletter and there are 50 articles in Upcoming, our AI will choose 8 of those 50 for each subscriber based on their interests. 

Here's what you can do on this page: 

Review your articles

This is everything that will be eligible for your next newsletter, so, make sure it has articles you want your audience to receive!

mceclip1 (2)Toggle it off if you don't want it to appear in a newsletter. 

Boost an article

mceclip3Click the lightning bolt once to make sure everyone gets this article. 

mceclip4Click the lightning bolt twice to make sure it's the first article for everyone. 

Edit an article

Click anywhere on the article to make changes to the article Title, Description, or Image and add Tags.