Other Clicks Report

The Other Clicks report shows you click data on all links in your newsletter that are not articles. These clicks are also included in the total/unique clicks shown on the Open/Clicks page. 


The following areas are represented on the Other Clicks page:

  • Header image URL
  • Footer image URL
  • Social links if provided 
  • Additional Links if provided 
  • Any URLs included in lead text 1
  • Any URLs included in lead text 2
  • Any URLs included in footer text #1 and footer text #2
  • Subscribe URL
  • Report URL
  • Unsubscribe URL

To make it easier for you to review the engagement specifically for your Images  (Banners and Squares), we separated it into its own Images Report within Analytics.


If you are using the same link multiple times throughout the newsletter and want a better idea of which image or hyperlink is generating these clicks, we suggest you use UTM codes to differentiate them. Be sure to check out this guide page that details using UTM codes.