What are my options for Subject Lines?

The subject line is the first glimpse of your newsletter that your subscribers see in their email inboxes. It provides a brief description and insight as to what your newsletter is about. A strong subject line can help to entice your subscribers to read your newsletter improving your engagement, clicks, and opens which in turn helps the AI to learn each subscriber's interests.

You can change the subject line of your newsletter under the 'Send Settings' tab on the Design page. There are three options for your subject line. 

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1. You can create a custom subject line that will be the same for all of your subscribers and/or combine the custom subject line with merge tags.

2. You can use the title of a boosted article to be the subject line for all of your subscribers. If you have multiple boosted articles, the title will be chosen from those or you can boost an article to ensure it is the same for all of your subscribers. 

3. You can use the AI-generated subject line. The AI-generated subject line will use the title of the top recommended article for an individual subscriber as the subject line based on their interests. 


You can also choose to include the date that the newsletter is sent in the subject or choose to leave that out.