Multi-language compatibility

The AI engine is currently compatible with English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. You can adjust the Language settings for your content on the Settings page and toggle on or off whichever language you would like your newsletter to be compatible with. Sources (RSS feeds, LinkedIn articles, Facebook pages, etc.) in languages other than those listed above can be added, but please be aware that our system may or may not be able to pull in new articles that those sources produce.

When an article is brought into the platform from a source in a language that is not listed above, the AI cannot always effectively assign topical tags to the articles, which may limit our capability to personalize the articles according to individual subscriber interests. This may cause many of your articles to render as "Inactive" in the Upcoming Articles page, (where you do have the option to toggle them back on). Our inability to properly tag this content will also impact your Topics analytics.


These articles explain in more detail the use of topical tags and our AI which you may find helpful. 


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