Schedule Overview



Welcome to the Schedule page! This is where you can set and control the schedule for your newsletter. First off, you will choose your frequency, day, or days of the week, delivery time, time zone, and start date, as well as your content review cut-off time. Your content review cut-off time is a safety for you to make sure you have enough time to review your contact before the newsletter sends. For example, if your content review cut-off time is 24 hours, then the system knows to stop Automatically pulling in any new articles for my sources 24 hours prior to my delivery time that way I can go in and review all of my automatically pulled content before send. You can still manually add content and make adjustments to your template up until an hour before send. You can also pause your schedule altogether or if you’d like to skip a send, you can toggle off that particular date on the calendar page. For example, maybe your next send lands on a holiday, you can simply skip sending that day. You can always see your next scheduled send in the right top corner of the schedule page


Note* The main difference between pausing your schedule and skipping sends is that content will still be pulled into the dashboard when you skip sends and will not when your schedule is paused.