How do Sources work?

The sources that you add to the dashboard are where the content for your newsletter will come from. pulls in articles published on your sources into the upcoming articles page to aggregate content for your newsletter.

Types of Sources and how they work:

  • RSS Feed  - This is the most common source used on our platform. Most website publish their articles to a feed so that platforms like can aggregate them for readers! Check out this page to learn more about RSS feeds and how to find them. 
  • Facebook - We will pull in URLs posted to a Facebook page as long as the page is public. 
  • YouTube - We will pull in the links to your latest videos when you enter your channel ID as a source. For more information on how to use YouTube as a source, please see here
  • Linkedin -  We will pull in URLs posted to your organization's LinkedIn page. To use LinkedIn, it must be your organization's account. 
  • Google News This is a great option for a source as you can enter a Google News feed on a given topic and we will pull in content that is published on that feed and is relevant to the topic. Please see more information about Google News as a source for your newsletter. 

To add any given type of source, visit the Add a New Source page, choose the correct type of source, and enter the necessary information (RSS feed, Facebook page URL, YouTube Channel ID, etc.). You have the option to rename and edit a source as well once it is added. You can also check out our Content Library for more sources.


The dashboard will continuously pull in articles from your sources several times per day. You can even manually "refresh" your sources on demand by clicking the 3 dots you see on the sources page. The pulls will pause once your cutoff review window begins and resume after your next newsletter is sent.

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As soon as your newsletter is sent, the articles that came in after the cutoff will appear and new articles will continue to pull in as they are published. Click here to learn about all of the other features on your Upcoming page.

*Note - We take copyrights seriously and aim to comply with all regulations. directs traffic to publishers to support and avoid infringement. We aim to ensure responsible content sharing.